Introducing the Small Business GROWTH Loan from the investment platforms of 1st Capital Loans, the product created to assist the small business owner with growing, developing and sustaining their business in a time when conventional sources are difficult to come by. While the name implies that our product is a "loan," in fact, the structure of our product is more of a factoring based transaction that utilizes the bank deposits and credit card receivables of your operations as a basis in providing the capital. 









  • Utilizing a risk based scoring and pricing model, we fund 5% - 10% of your annual gross sales and price our product from as low as 8% for a short 6 month term, to 20% - 30% for an 8 month - 24 month term. Your actual pricing is based on the current profile of the operations including business credit (if applicable), bank statement cash flow management, the status of any tax liens, the status of any judgment liens, the status of recent bankruptcy filings (personal or business), as well as the personal fico score of every owner of the operations with over 25% active ownership.


  • Seeing as though this is structured as a factoring based transaction and not a "loan," there are NO APR calculations in relation to this transaction. The reason that our pricing is much higher than conventional bank term loans, is that there's no collateral being used to fund the loan and nor do we require other conventional bank term loan provisions such as down payments, equity percentages, profitability levels, nor suburb personal and business credit profiles of the owner(s) and operations respectfully. Our product is backed solely by the forecast of your sales going forward, meaning if your business goes out of business during the payback period, we take the investment loss. As a result of this risk along with other risks of lending to small business applicants, our risk based pricing model must reflect such hazards.


  • For example, if we approve a $100,000 deal and set a total payback of 12 months, based on your profile for this deal we might charge you $20,000 to utilize our capital for the next 12 months, which means that over the 12 month period you will end up paying us back a total of $120,000. We can setup either fixed daily, weekly or monthly payments, or we can do non-fixed payments by taking a percentage of the prior day's total gross business sales or total gross credit card sales. We do not have any hidden fees or application fees, closing fees or pre-payment penalties.









The structure of our product is that of an unsecured continual line of credit, where once we fund the initial loan, we would do an additional funding every 3 months thereafter until you no longer need working capital assistance. As an example of our structure, let's say a business does $1 million in annual gross sales, the process would work as follows over a 12 month cycle:


  • This month we fund $100,000
  • Then in 3 months thereafter we fund another $50,000
  • Then in 3 months thereafter we fund another $50,000
  • Then in 3 months thereafter we fund another $50,000
  • Then in 3 months thereafter we fund another $50,000


This means that over the course of a 12 month cycle, we would have funded $300,000 into this business to use for any business purpose. While the operations in this example would not have been required to utilize all of the capital, the capital would have still been accessible for the operations over the 12 month period while traditional conventional sources might not have been available.



In addition to the above parameters, another important feature of our product is the ability to build your business credit profile. A business credit profile is one of the key criterion used by conventional banking sources to approve businesses for term loans, lines of credit, leases, and other forms of financing. Our investment platform reports the on-time payments made on our product to the business credit bureaus such as D&B™, Experian Business™ and EquiFax Business™ so that the on-time payments work towards growing, developing and sustaining business credit parameters of your operations. 


Now let's grow, develop and sustain your business through the utilization of our Small Business GROWTH Loan! Download the Small Business GROWTH Loan Application in Interactive Brochure format here on the side, fill out all sections, pull up applicable documentation, and then fax all items back to our Executive Offices at 888-522-3373.

One of our Account Executives will be in touch with you then within 24 hours to confirm receipt of your documentation, address any additional questions you might have, and seek a funding decision within 24 hours time frame. From there, once you accept our approval terms and conditions, we will have the funds wired to your business bank account within 48-72 hours. This means that from beginning to end, our entire funding process only takes 3-5 business days.