What Are The Costs For The Loan? Are There Any Hidden Fees? What Terms Are Available?

We utilize a risk based pricing model, where based on your profile we will price your account in terms of the risks of our investment getting returned on time and with profit. Our cost can be as low as 8% for a 6 month term, to 20% - 30% for anywhere from an 8 - 24 month term. The main value of our product is that it's available if a business meets the general requirements, and can also be obtained in addition to bank term loans or lines of credit.. We do not have any hidden fees or application fees, closing fees, pre-payment penalties, etc. 

I Have A Tax Lien and/or Judgment Lien, Do I Qualify?

In relation to the tax lien, you qualify as long as your Federal/State tax lien has a payment plan arrangement and you can provide documentation in relation to the payment plan's structure, payment history and outstanding amount due, we have no issue providing funding with the presence of a tax lien. In relation to the judgment lien, the same parameters are required similar to the tax lien, as your judgment lien has to be on a payment plan arrangement.

I Have A Recent Bankruptcy Filing and/or I'm Behind On My Business Rent Or Mortgage, Do I Qualify?

In a personal or business bankruptcy filing, as long the bankruptcy has been discharged or dismissed for at least one year and you can show documentation of proof, we have no issue providing funding with the presence of a bankruptcy on your personal credit report or the business credit report. In relation to the Business Rent or Mortgage, you will still qualify for our funding depending upon how many months you are behind, how much you are behind and how much you are approved for with our program. At closing we will use our proceeds to make either your landlord or mortgage holder whole.

Email us at to begin your consultation. Our professionals will provide a customized package for your needs. We look forward to helping you grow, develop, and sustain your business through the utilization of our innovative financing, technology, and risk management solutions!

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