Introducing the Small Business GROWTH Loan from the investment platforms of 1st Capital Loans, the product created to assist the small business owner with growing, developing and sustaining their business in a time when conventional sources are difficult to come by. Our program can approve up to $5 million and assist with building the business credit profile of your operations so that you eventually qualify for traditional lending products. Our product incorporates risk-based scoring and pricing, and functions like an unsecured line of credit.


Utilizing a risk based scoring model, we fund 10% of your annual sales. Your actual pricing is based on the current profile of the operations including personal credit, business credit (if applicable), cash flow management, the status of any liens and bankruptcy filings.



The reason that our pricing is higher than conventional loans, is because there's no collateral being used for the funding and we do not require other conventional provisions such as down payments, profitability levels, nor suburb personal and business credit profiles.



Our product is backed by the forecast of your sales going forward, meaning if your business goes out of business during the payback period, we take the investment loss. As a result of this risk along with other risks of lending to small businessess, our pricing reflects such hazards.

Our Small Business Growth Loan is structured like an unsecured continual line of credit, where once we fund the initial loan, we would do an additional funding every 3 months until you no longer need working capital. This helps cover your expenses, fund your growth, and more.


Let's say a business does $1 million in sales, the process would work as follows: this month we fund $100k, then $50k in 3 months thereafter, then another $50k in 3 months thereafter, then another $50k in 3 months thereafter, and another $50k in 3 months thereafter, for a total of $300,000 funded within 12 months. 

Our product also builds your business credit profile. A business credit profile is one of the key tools used by conventional sources to approve you for term loans and lines of credit. Our platform reports on-time payments made on our product to business credit bureaus such as D&B™ and Experian Business™, so that the on-time payments work towards growing, developing and sustaining the business credit parameters of your operations. 

Email us at to begin your consultation. Our professionals will provide a customized package for your needs. We look forward to helping you grow, develop, and sustain your business through the utilization of our innovative financing, technology, and risk management solutions!

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