Besides our Small Business Growth Loan, we also have a platform of technology providers that make up our innovative Technology/Risk Management Network. This Network furthers our goal of assisting small businesses with the growth, development and sustainability of their operations. Operational Efficiency is viewed as effectively managing business inputs such as costs, labor, time and energy, while also effectively managing business outputs such as revenues, customer management and market opportunities. Our Technology and Risk Management Network helps our prospective and current clientele with answering the following questions listed below.


With Technology Management, you should ask the question of: "How can we as a small business get the most out of our operational equipment, software, and cloud solutions to optimize business performance and manage financial resources efficiently?"


Businesses today need operational equipment, software, and cloud solutions structured for a 21st century high-tech economy. Failure to have the right technology within the proper "scale," reduces business performance while simultaneously increases operational costs and leads to higher requirements of labor activity. In addition, this lack of efficiency also causes the operations to miss opportunities for new streams of top line revenue growth. All of these situations combined can lead to the failure of a business for not efficiently operating and competing with technology in this new high-tech economy. 


With Risk Management, you should ask the question of: "How can we as a small business manage all current and potential business risks in terms of protecting as well as maximizing top line revenue, while simultaneously identifying ways of reducing bottom line expenditures through more efficient ways of cost measurement and cost management?"  


Every business is exposed to risks that could lead the operations to being pushed out of particular market segments as well as various types of legal issues, higher operating costs, and more. The Risk Management section of our Technology and Risk Management Network assists in ways of business consulting and legal advice, insurance and guarantee solutions, as well as revenue management optimization in terms of receivables, purchase orders, cash, checks, credit, debit and internet currency. 

Email us at to begin your consultation. Our professionals will provide a customized package for your needs. We look forward to helping you grow, develop, and sustain your business through the utilization of our innovative financing, technology, and risk management solutions!

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