THE MERCHANT LOAN/MERCHANT CASH ADVANCE: Based On Bank Deposits/Credit Card Receivable Factoring

The Merchant Loan and Merchant Cash Advance products are the newest forms of alternative financing for small business owners, with estimated industry funding volumes of $700 million. 


The Merchant Loan is a loan based on bank deposits and bank balances. When examining bank deposits and bank balances to provide a Merchant Loan, a lender will conduct an examination of the business bank account for cash flow management, negative daily/month-end balances, and NSF/overdraft fees, to determine if the bank account of a business is strong enough to handle a Merchant Loan. Once approved, the loan is structured for around 100% of the monthly gross sales volume of a business and structured for pay back in 6 - 24 month terms. 


The Merchant Cash Advance product factors credit card receivables and a funder will purchase the future credit/debit card sales of a small business in exchange for a lump sum amount of cash provided right now to use for working capital. The funder collects through holding a percentage of the daily credit/debit card sales of the business. The approval amount is usually 100% of the monthly processing volume. Once approved, the loan is structured for pay back in 6 - 18 months. The examination of a merchant's bank account will still come into play, as it's still used to help determine if the bank account of a business is strong enough to handle payments.

We recommend the usage of the merchant loan and merchant cash advance products, which is what our Small Business Growth Loan is founded on. Our financing comes through our venture capital partnered platforms and our loan is highly accessible with high approval ratings. Fill out an Online Application to get started.

Email us at to begin your consultation. Our professionals will provide a customized package for your needs in relation to our business development solutions. We look forward to remaining your current or becoming your new chosen partner! 

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